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We develop effective trading strategies and provide Copy-trading and Signals Service, to help you achieve your financial goals in Crypto & Forex. 

We are the right Traders when it comes for safe and reliable trading on Exchanges like Bybit or PrimeXBT.

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We are a group of online traders who are Specialized in the Crypto and Forex market. Our goal is to provide our non members with 1 or 2 free signals per week to help them trade successfully if you want more, we have the perfect offer for you.

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You retain full control over your investments and trade independently. This gives you the opportunity to constantly monitor both risk and profit. Utilize this freedom to enhance your financial success through intelligent and independent trading.

A trading signal service is a service that provides traders with trade signals to assist them in their decision-making in the financial market. Experienced analysts generate these signals based on extensive market analysis and send them to subscribers, who receive clear instructions on when to enter and exit trades. 

A copy trader is a person or algorithm whose trades can be automatically copied by other traders. This allows users to benefit from the experiences and strategies of successful traders without needing extensive knowledge themselves. It is important to note that copying trades does not guarantee profits and can involve risks.

This service offers investors and traders an opportunity to identify potentially profitable trading opportunities and improve their chances of success.

Easily generate additional side income through copy trading without any knowledge or effort.

Discover the Benefits of Copy Trading – Win Together, Not Lose!

Our focus at our copy trading service is to provide investors with a profitable trading experience. We carefully select and collaborate with the best and most successful traders. Why? Because we want to profit only from winning trades!

Our interest lies in helping you as an investor maximize your profits. By selecting proven successful traders and replicating their strategies, we give you the opportunity to benefit from their experience and expertise.

Through our shared interest in winning, we create a win-win situation. Our motivated traders are dedicated to achieving consistent profitability, while we strive to help you reach your financial goals.

We prioritize strong partnerships and only work with regulated brokers. Join our copy trading platforms and enjoy the convenience of autopilot trading. We take on the challenges and risks of trading on your behalf, so you can benefit from the profitable trades of our top „verified“ traders.

Let’s win together and avoid wasting time and energy on losses. Invest with confidence in our copy trading program and benefit from our expertise and strong focus on delivering profitable results.

Join us today and start your journey towards successful trading profits!

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We send 1-3 VIP signals a week in our free Telegram group, each signal comes with a full technical analysis on why we are taking the trade and how to place it through your broker.

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Our experts have extensive experience and knowledge over 18+ years in Forex and Crypto trading they have an impressive success rate of over 84% – 96%. We firmly believe that anyone can be successful in the Crypto and on the Forex market if they have the right information and tools.

That’s why we created this Channel to share our experience and knowledge with you. Here, we will regularly provide you with our trading strategies, market analysis, and tips to help you improve your trading skills and trade successfully.

Join us now and become a part of our growing community of traders.

We look forward to trading with you and being successful together!

Choose between trading yourself
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Copy Trading with CharityTrader easy done.

This is how it works: Every registered user becomes a part of the new project that we support (CharityTrader) by subscribing to our partners Bybit and PrimeXBT. Once you are registered and you trade with us, 15 % of our share will be donated to the fund. This means that the more people register and trade, the more money we can collect, and the more people can benefit from our donation.

Joining this group has significantly enhanced my trading results. I've seen a noticeable improvement in my profits and a reduction in my trading stress. The community aspect of the group is also commendable. The members are friendly, supportive, and always willing to share their experiences and knowledge.

Markus Wolf Davos

I highly recommend CharityTrader Club to both experienced traders and beginners. Whether you're looking for consistent profits or seeking to learn and improve your trading skills, this group is an invaluable resource. It's worth every penny and more. Thank you Mike, for helping me achieve my trading goals!"

Sven Sprenger Zürich

I’m using the Channel CharityTrader Group since December 2022 and so far things have a been alright where purchasing BTCs and to my external wallets. Thanks Mike for a good experience at my first Trading expericence.

Niki Weinfelden

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